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dedicated real estate investment advisors

“Real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values, and the least risk.”

- Armstrong Williams

Wealth 82 is a critical addition to your existing money team! 


We specialize in athlete, entertainer, and executive relocations - both sales and and rentals. We work closely with your financial, legal, and personal advisors to broker advantageous deals within the realm of real estate. Wealth 82 works with top talent and premier brokerages to find you the most exclusive residences and investment opportunities. 


Discretion and commitment  are the cornerstones of our values. The Wealth 82 network of elite clients allows for the private exchange of pedigree properties among the worlds most exclusive owners. With access to the market’s most coveted properties,  we are equipped to insure you find the right fit whether you are gifting a home to mom, looking to acquire a trophy property, or searching for the perfect commercial space for your latest venture.


Our seasoned agents will cater to your most personal requirements with an exhaustive collection up-to-date listings. We have a direct line to off-the-gird properties to suit the most exclusive taste.  And when it comes to managing negotiations and  the closing process, your agent will keep tabs on and complete all the important details so you won’t have to. We combine real estate, legal, tax, and luxury expertise to guide the process of finding and purchasing a home or commercial property. 

Wealth 82 completes your money team and amplifies your wealth strategy.

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